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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Groom ‘Kidnapped’, Nearly Missed His Wedding [Video]

Groom 'kidnapped' in a stag-do prank left so traumatised he nearly missed his wedding A GROOM has told how he was kidnapped by 16 hooded men in a terrifying stag-do prank — that left him so traumatised he nearly missed his wedding.

Ollie McAninch, 33, and fiancée Clair Hart were driving on a country lane when the gang leapt out and stopped them.

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Brandishing bats, setting off smoke grenades and screaming, they put him in the back of a van where he was bound, gagged and dressed in a Guantanamo Bay-style jumpsuit.

PA Clair, 30 — who was in on the stunt — acted terrified as Ollie was taken away. The mob drove more than 100 miles in silence before letting panicking Ollie in on the gag.

Then the marketing consultant was kicked out, stripped, handed a lime green mankini, a tiny bike and a map and told to cycle ten miles to his stag do — which he thought was on a week later — in Exeter, Devon.

Ollie, of Bath, Somerset, said: “For more than two hours I was in that van. I’ve never been so scared.”

The stress left hapless Ollie with SHINGLES and he was advised to keep clear of Clair for a month.

He revealed: “I was really worried I would miss the big day.”

The stunt involved a military-style plan to “kidnap the subject and deliver to rendezvous point”. Organiser Kevin Harding said: “It was hilarious. He was terrified.”

The couple is to wed today in Devon — and Ollie’s pals are still invited. He said: “I’ve logged it for future vengeance.” [The SUN]

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