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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Boko Haram Kill 14 In Borno, Burn Houses In Borno State

Sect members of Boko Haram on Thursday night up to Friday morning killed about 14 persons in Damboa, Borno State and burnt many houses in the area.

 The sect, according to a security operative that pleaded anonymity, stormed Damboa in different style and headed to various directions.

According to the source, “Some of them went to Police facility; another group headed to military formations, and the last group went about attacking the civilian populace and burning houses.

 “This is what happened it just caused confusion and they left with a deadly impact. But we repelled them in our own end and the police did same too.

 “They came in convoy and successfully escaped; some were on bikes that were banned and the rest in cars. This is what happened, but if not the fact that we repelled them, the impact would have been far more serious"

 Another source in Maiduguri who sent an email said several people were injured and many others missing, and that search could only happen when military reinforcement fully arrives in view of the fact that residents are afraid to embark upon a search and rescue with the militants lurking in the background.

However, while the Boko Haram sect appeared to have triumphed in Damboa, Borno state, in Gombe town, the sect had seven mujahideen killed in a gun battle with members of police and the military.

 A military source in Gombe confirmed that the gun battle occurred on Thursday night running into Friday morning in an area called ‘Burundi’ in Gombe town.

The source told Saharareporters that  security agents are in custody of dead bodies of sect members and also recovered several arms from militants, the source added that many other sects fled with gun wounds.

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